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Cataract Service

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The human eye is like a camera, with a lens system at the front and a photosensitive ‘film’ at the back. The normal function of the lens is to focus light so that you can see sharp, clear images.

Cataracts are a gradual cloudiness of the lens (the transparent structure at the front of the eye) and can make your vision blurred or misty. Cataracts can develop in one or both eyes. Over time, the cloudiness can become denser.

In most cases, a cataract will continue to develop and surgery to remove it is the only way to restore vision.

For further information on the cataract service, please use the link below to download our cataract service leaflet:

Vida Healthcare – Cataract Leaflet

YAG Laser

Laser treatment is necessary when after cataract surgery months or years later your eyesight has become impaired.

This is due to the posterior capsule which is a fine membrane behind the lens of the eye has become thickened. This causes a gradual reduction in vision.

A YAG Laser Capsulotomy can be performed which will reduce glare and restore the vision to how it was after the original cataract surgery.

YAG Capsulotomy is a safe, non-invasive procedure, and serious complications are rare.

For further information on YAG Laser Capsulotomy, please use the link below to download our YAG Laser leaflet:

Vida Healthcare – YAG Laser Leaflet

Referring to us?

You can:

Ask your Optician for a referral to our service.

Self-Refer via West Norfolk Health – 01553 667420

Wait times

Our current wait times for Cataract Surgery is 8 weeks from referral to surgery.

For YAG Laser it is 6 weeks from referral to procedure.