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The Practice Newsletter comprises of information, events, advice and guidance on a variety of health issues, seasonal NHS guidance. It is one of the main communication tools we use to communicate with patients.

Find the latest edition below and also some previous editions;

Recent Editions

Late Summer 2019

Summer 2019

Latest Edition

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Survey's are a great way to gather feedback, and we urge you where possible and applicable to take part in our surveys. Filling in a survey means we can gather your valuable feedback about a range of topics, ranging from the services we offer to your experience within the practice. 

Below are some survey's we are currently running, please feel free to complete these as your feedback could help improve the way we offer our services within Vida Healthcare.

National GP Patient Survey - The Results

The National GP Patient Survey is available to view now! Please find the links below for the Vida results (Gayton Road, Carole Brown, Hunstanton, Fairstead and St Augustines Surgeries) and The Hollies Surgery.


Vida -


?The Hollies - 


.National Patient Survey

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.Friends and Family Test

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Our Mission

“To provide top quality healthcare to patients in a cheerful, relaxed, low stress environment by an efficient, amenable and accessible practice team who are well motivated, with a commitment to personal development.”

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