Research and Study

NIHR Clinical Research

The NIHR Clinical Research Network Eastern helps to increase the opportunities for patients to take part in clinical research, ensures that studies are carried out efficiently, and supports the Government’s Strategy for UK Life Sciences by improving the environment for commercial contract clinical research in the NHS in the Eastern area.

Vida Healthcare participates in research activity and works closely with the local research network. There are many different ways in which patients can become involved in studies in which our practice is participating. Participation is entirely voluntary. Nobody from outside of the practice will be given your contact details or have access to your medical records without your prior consent.

Research is presented in different formats: Completing a questionnaire, requesting the use of your anonymised data, taking part in an interview, testing new treatment, therapies or devices, experiencing new combinations of treatments.

The results of research studies can be of interest to patients and useful to health professionals and managers in the NHS in helping to decide what treatments and services to provide in the future.

There are many research projects currently being conducted into Covid 19, you may receive communication to get involved.

If you would like to check the validity of any of these projects or get more details you can check on the National Institute for Health Research website or please call the Practice.

Research and Study Facts

  • your patient records may be reviewed to check whether you are suitable to take part in a research study before asking you whether you are interested or sending you a letter on behalf of the researcher,
  • your practice is research active,
  • you may be invited to take part in research and

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Studies Undertaken at the Practice

  • HEAT – Helicobacter eradication to prevent ulcer bleeding in aspirin users: a large simple randomised controlled trial. This is a two and a half year study looking at the incidence of subsequent adjudicated peptic ulcer bleeding that result in hospitalisation
  • FUN & FIT Norfolk – Evaluating Different Methods of Recruiting and Engaging Inactive Individuals into Sport
  • CANDID COLORECTAL – To produce decision rules for use in the referral, or otherwise, of patients with suspected colo-rectal cancer. This is a response to delays in diagnosing cancer, getting high risk patients referred first and reducing unnecessary investigations
  • TWICS – To determine whether the addition of low dose oral theophylline to inhaled corticosteroids therapy in patients with
  • COPD at high risk of exacerbation reduces exacerbations and hospital admission and improves quality of life
  • Adult Autism Study – questionnaire about the lifestyle effects of living with adult autism
  • STILTS2 (Study Into Lean and Thin Subjects). – looking at trying to identify genes that cause thinness that could pave the way for new treatments for obesity and indeed help people with a range of weight problems
  • BEST3 – A trial looking at the Cytosponge test in GP surgeries for people with heartburn symptoms who might develop a condition called Barrett’s oesophagus.

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