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Phoning the surgery

We are aware that there have been significant delays in getting through to the surgery first thing in the morning, for which we extend our sincere apologies.

There are always high volumes of calls between 8 and 9.30 in the morning but the time delays that have been mentioned are totally unacceptable and we are working on trying to understand the underlying reasons and resolving matters.

We are currently talking with our telephone system providers as we believe part of the problem is down to the system not working as it should and the queueing system malfunctioning

We are treating this matter as urgent and will update you further shortly.

Many thanks for your patience and support whilst we resolve matters

Vida Healthcare | 31.10.2018

In response to the problem we have:-

  1. Worked with our telephone system provider who has identified and rectified a problem with the call queueing system

  2. Increased the number of staff answering phone calls up until 9am daily

We have undertaken test calls over the last few days and have found that the time to answer phones during our peak call time has significantly reduced and improved to a more acceptable level.

As with all systems there is likely to be a slightly longer delay when you first open and we would ask patients to work with us and not call when the system first opens unless it is absolutely necessary.

We will continue to monitor the system over the coming weeks.

Thank you to our patients for bringing this to our attention and enabling us to make this service improvement.

Vida Healthcare | 6.11.18

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