Self Care

Many problems that patients encounter can be managed at home with self-care with no need to visit their doctor.  An ideal place to check on symptoms, and get tailored advice and information is NHS Direct.

NHS Direct even have an online "symptoms checker" which is very useful in pointing you directly to help and advice for whats wrong with you, and will tell you when you need to see your doctor - if at all

Remember, if it's only a minor illness, our triage team can often help you.  Take a look at the link to the right for "What is Triage?"


Some of the most common problems our clinical staff see which can be managed at home are shown below - along with links NHS, advice and treatment. Simply hover over each box for more information.






Other Useful Links:

  • NHS Choices is a great way to research conditions and ailments and find further advices and treatment options available for your condition


  • The Self Care Forum provide a variety of factsheets on common medical conditions

Sickness & Diarrhea

Rashes & Skin Problems

Rashes & Skin Problems

Info & Advice:

This is a really good web page from netmums with information and advice about children's rashes