Nursing Team

Avril Miles

We are fortunate at Vida to have a comprehemsive and skilled nursing team. Our large teams enables us to deliver specialist clinis, for example; Diabetes Clinic, Well Woman and Immunisations Clinics.

Our Nursing Team are also supported by a large Healthcare Assistant team comprised of both trained Healthcare Assistants and Senior Healthcare Assistants.

Our nurses work at all of our sites so why not meet them below.

Respiratory Team                                                                                           Chronic Heart Disease

Diabetic Team                                                                                                 Hypertension Team          

Treatment Room Team




Well Woman Team



Senior Healthcare Assistants

Healthcare Assistants

Sian Wells
Lead Nurse
Mandy Pearson
Claire Hipkin
Vicky Bix
Lead Nurse
Gilly McCowen
Vicky Bix
Anne Davis
Jackie Ashworth
Louise Steele
Claire Hipkin
Lead Nurse
Mandy Pearson
Debbie Simpson
Jackie Ashworth
Debbie Godley
Claire Hipkin
Jackie Ashworth
Sarah Wiggs
Susie Melton
Paullette Judd
Tara Hansell
Jess Jenkins
Jo Cartwright
Leanne Long
Geri Johnson
Sarah Stovold
Victoria Creighton
Julie Randall
Steve Davis
Tracy Amies
Lead Nurse
Gilly McCowen
Our Mission

“To provide top quality healthcare to patients in a cheerful, relaxed, low stress environment by an efficient, amenable and accessible practice team who are well motivated, with a commitment to personal development.”

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