New Vida Website and Online Consultation

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We have recently signed up to a new service to host our website. This service helps us to maintain the website and to ensure it looks and feels very much like the NHS website (see image).

New Vida Website and Online Consultation

We currently have a pilot version running which we think is a big improvement over the current website because it looks cleaner and simpler, but with a friendly interface to allow everyone to access their needs.

We are now in the process of testing and validating it, but very shortly this will replace the existing website and then you will all be able to experience it for yourself.

Hopefully you will all find the new website an improvement over our existing one. We will be grateful for any feedback about your experiences with it, good or bad.

Online Consultation

We are currently in the process of testing a new online consultation service that we hope to start making available to you in the next few months.

The service is called PATCHS and is described by themselves thus: “PATCHS is an easy way for patients to contact their GP from their practice website”.

What is the appeal of PATCHS to patients?

  • Register from home
  • Quick and easy to use – just answer a few simple questions to get started
  • Avoid long waits for a GP appointment
  • Access PATCHS via our website, any time of day
  • Access a range of services including (but not limited to): GP consultations, health advice, fit notes, medication
  • Video Consultations

For more information about PATCHS please check out this link: